Seaworthy Inflatable Boat Like The Navy Seals Use

Seaworthy Inflatable Boat like the Navy Seals Use


$ 6,000

Make: Bris
Condition: Used
Location: 346**, Holiday, Florida

Seller's Notes:

This vessel is 5 chambered Hypalon Inflatable with aluminum seats and flooring. Purchased in 2023. The 9.9 Yamaha is also 2023 with a 3 year warranty. The boat comes with trailer. The vessel's name is "Crackerjack ". Websters Dictionary definition reads, Crackerjack is either a person, place or thing that is "Exceptional " !!! The name went on, after the quality went in !!! This vessel can operate in waters less than 2 ft deep. By myself with lots of gear, top speed is 20mph. At full throttle, i...

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