Luhrs 1998 36ft Plus Sport Fishing Converting The Luhrs 36 Ft 1998 Sport Fishing

Luhrs 1998 36ft plus sport fishing Converting the Luhrs 36 ft 1998 Sport Fishing


$ 5,000

Make: Luhrs
Condition: Used
Location: 330**, Key West, Florida

Seller's Notes:

A Luhrs 36 ft 1998 boat in Key West, particularly with its size and features, provides the benefit of comfortable and spacious accommodations for extended trips. Given Key West's proximity to the vibrant coral reefs, your Luhrs boat would be ideal for reef exploration, offering a platform for snorkeling, diving, and fishing adventures. Its size can handle various sea conditions, providing stability and safety for enjoyable excursions to the diverse marine environments around Key West, including ...

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